Saturday, October 16, 2010


Greetings of peace to all readers!

This blog is for me to share with others what I learn about the concept of gender (and sexuality) in Islam and to present my reviews of the literature I read on the topic. I find this discipline within Islamic Studies very fascinating and enlightening, and, as far as I see it, many Muslims are unaware of the classical and medieval -- or even modern and contemporary -- debates that our scholars have held for decades and beyond to attempt to come to an understanding on what "Islam" says about the rights and roles of of women, men, homosexuals, and other minorities (e.g., intersex people). In a future blog post, I will explain why I have enclosed the term "Islam" in quotations.

Feel free to leave comments, questions, feedback, etc., and I look forward to intellectual discussions with all those who are interested.

Good day/night to all!

- Serenity

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