Greetings of peace to all readers!

I am an Islamic Studies student interested in gender studies and Islamic Law. This blog is for me to share with others what I learn about the concept of gender (and sexuality) in Islam and to display my reviews of the literature I read on the topic. All Muslims, and non-Muslims, should be aware of the classical and medieval--as well as modern and contemporary--debates that our scholars have held for centuries and beyond in an attempt to come to an understanding on what "Islam" says about the rights and roles of women, men, and other genders.

It must be borne in mind that I will be posting controversial material frequently. Readers are still encouraged to leave comments, questions, and feedback, and are reminded to be respectful at all times. While I will try my best to clear up any misconceptions and to correct any stereotypes about peoples, cultures, genders, religions, etc., offensive comments will be removed, be they antagonistic towards a religion, a deity, a people, a culture, an individual, or a gender.

For more information about me, you may visit my personal blog.

Thank you for visiting, and peace be with you!

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  1. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful and useful blog for those of us willing to USE the mind Allah gave us!!!


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