Books on Gender and Islam

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Most, if not all, Islamic feminists call for and strongly support a rei-interpretation of the Qur'an that sees women as equal companions of their men counterparts. (Disclaimer: I do not mean to suggest that men are better than men, and women want to be equal to them; I instead mean that men are afford a preferential treatment over women, and women are not respected equally -- and it is this equal respect, equal say that Muslim and Islamic feminists are fighting for.) Like many other Muslim feminists, I term this form of feminism, this struggle Islamic feminism and this form of interpretation a feminist interpretation.

Hence, a "feminist interpretation of the Qur'an" is one that does not discriminating against women (or men) in any way and does not lead to the (unintended) subjugation of women in Muslim societies.

Here are some articles and books, written by both women and men (all of them Muslims), that call for the re-interpretations of the Qur'an to avoid the subjugation and mistreatment of women in Muslim societies. Feel free to add your list as well!

[[All texts are alphabetized by the author's first name.]]

Islamic Feminism, Feminist/Progressive/Gender Egalitarian Interpretations of Islam
Women/Gender in Muslim Societies
Muslim Women in Non-Muslim Societies [Muslim women in international contexts]
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